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What support will there be for my child’s overall well-being?




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St Andrews has a full-time Pupil Care Co-ordinator. She can provide you with a range of well-being and health information. In close liaison with the Head of Inclusion, they can also refer issues to other, more appropriate and expert services as required.

We believe that the development and support of the whole child, including their social and emotional development, is vital to successful learning and progress. We aim to build this into the actual learning programme and the approaches used in delivering it.

Children’s views will be taken account of in an age-appropriate way as part of their programme’s development and review.

St Andrews offers a wide variety of support for pupils who may need help with their social and emotional development.

Our Pupil Care Co-ordinator offers:

  • Nurture and friendship groups
  • Some support on a 1:1 basis, for children with high level behavioural needs.
  • Some children have a person to meet and greet them every morning and settle them into school.
  • Some children have a Key Adult who checks in with them

We also ensure a clear structured Behaviour Policy, is adhered to by the whole school

  • A safe caring environment where all children thrive.
  • Clear safeguarding procedures and policies.
  • All staff regularly updated training for safeguarding.
  • A number of social intervention groups including specific social language programmes, friendship support groups and anger management sessions.
  • Support at unstructured times such as play and lunchtime. There are a number of children who need supervision at lunchtime this may be to help them to eat or to help them to socialise.
  • Personal care support including personal care plans, toileting and dressing. This is undertaken with the child’s modesty and privacy as our utmost priority. A detailed Care Plan is compiled by the adults supporting your child in consultation with parents/carers and appropriate specialists. These are discussed with all staff involved with the pupil.
  • We encourage the children to be as independent as possible within their limits.
  • The Pupil Care co-ordinator and School Counsellor support those children who have more specific emotional needs.
  • We also have Individual Behaviour Plans, which are individual support plans for those children who need behaviour support.
  • We follow physiotherapy programmes, speech and language programmes and receive advice and support from Occupational Therapy as well as PRESENs Hillside and Downs park outreach.
  • All staff receive regular ‘Epipen’ training delivered by the school Nurse and some receive Nebuliser training from a specialist nurse.

Our Pupil Care Co-ordinator:

  • Works closely with our Head teacher and Head of Inclusion.
  • Works closely with our home school liaison officer to ensure that any appropriate support regarding good attendance and punctuality can be put in place.
  • There a number of staff trained in first aid and we have a clear medicine policy. There is a set pupil services area where medicine and first aid treatment is administered using the correct procedures.