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St. Andrew's CofE (aided) Primary School

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Outdoor Learning


Here at St Andrew's our children have regular Outdoor Explorer sessions. These take place both in our newly developed Outdoor Explorer space on the school field and on the beaches in Hove and Rottingdean. Our outdoor learning sessions focus on play, exploration and supported risk-taking. Problem-solving and self-discovery are important features of outdoor learning and encourage children to learn through hands-on experiential learning in a natural setting. This in turn helps to develop children's confidence and self-esteem.

Some of the benefits of our Outdoor Explorer sessions include:
An increase in self-belief – Learners are encouraged to assess risks themselves and decide when to take risks.
Exploration, risk-taking and child-led learning can all result in improved self- belief. 

An increase in confidence – The encouraged risk-taking, access to the natural world, learner-led experiences and learning through play can all result in increased confidence.

Improved problem-solving skills – Learners learn how to assess problems and make their own decision about the best way to solve them. Learners become more independent problem solvers.

Communication skills – Outdoor learning activities encourage sensory experiences, scaffolding from practitioners, the use of appropriate dialogue and collaborative work, which can all help to improve a learner’s communication skills.

An increase in motivation and concentration – Young learners often find concentration difficult. However, outdoor learning activities are designed to be interesting and engaging. Learning through play and child-led learning results in higher levels of interest, which in turn improves a learner’s attention and concentration. Learners are more likely to concentrate over a longer period of time.

The development of physical skills and motor skills – Many outdoor learning activities will help to improve a learner’s fine and gross motor skills. Outdoor activities may also focus on a variety of other physical skills such as balancing, climbing and sensory skills.

Promotes emotional intelligence – Emotional intelligence includes self-awareness, selfregulation, social skills, empathy and motivation. Good emotional intelligence enables children and young people to identify and manage their own and other people’s emotions.

Focus on physical health – ’Outdoor learners’ are usually more physically active.

Builds resilience – Learners are taught how to cope with stressful or negative situations. Not only can nature and the outdoors reduce stress, but children are also taught how to overcome obstacles and reflect on their experiences.


Our Outdoor Explorer Space

Outdoor Explorers On The Field

Outdoor Explorers On The Beach