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Arthur sent in this picture whihc was taken on May 8th 1945.  The boy in the middle is Arthur's grandad.   He is dressed as a  Mrs Mopp, a character from a very popular wartime comedy series called It's That Man Again (ITMA).  She was a cleaning lady, and her catchphrase (which is written on the piece of paper attached to his bucket) was "Can I do you now sir?".  Here is a link to a YouTube clip in which you can hear Mrs Mopp speaking:

The above document describes Erin's Grandad's own memories of VE Day 1945.  It's easy to find out about historical events through books and websites, but nothing is better than hearing people's individual experiences.   Lots of people had bonfires on May 7th and 8th 1945, and unlike today health and safety would have been non-existent.

Isabella used this book to research the wartime history of her house, and unearthed some dramatic information:

Looking at local history books and other documents we discovered that on the 9th March 1943 at about 7pm our house was bombed.

We always wondered why it looked a bit different from the others in the road, we discovered that this is because it had to be rebuilt on one side.
In 1943, a spinster Elizabeth, 83-years old, lived here alone. On that night four German aircraft FW 190s attacked Hove. Unfortunately Elizabeth died in the bombing, one of 6 people who died in the area that evening. The house next door was destroyed completely and half of our house. Elizabeth’s  nephew Thomas, who lived locally, inherited her house and later repaired and lived here till 2008. We bought it from him. We think only Elizabeth’s family and us have ever lived here. In her will Elizabeth left money to the continuing war effort.

Isabella making bunting for her family's celebration of VE Day!

The Siddle family front door, decorated for VE Day.

Harry made these delicious and suitably patriotic cakes!

Joshua and Gabriella made some bunting with a very topical twist, and a plateful of beautiful scones.

This is a picture of Leia and Archie  in their Sea Cadet and Scout uniforms, along with our Dad in his Royal Marine full dress uniform. The flags hanging out the window are;
on the left, the Royal Marine flag with the Globe and Laurel .
On the right is the flag of 42 Commando unit which their  Dad served in when he was in the Royal Marines.
They also had Shepherds Pie for dinner and watched The People’s VE Day celebrations on TV!  What a fantastic day!

As well as making over 100 hand-painted union jacks, Ben provided his own musical accompaniment to his family's VE Day party!

This amazing photograph shows Dougie's grandad (the boy wearing the dark cap and coat at the front) celebrating VE Day on 8th May 1945.

At school, we made our own party hats out of newspaper.  It was an exhausting process for all concerned, requiring many rest breaks!

We made our own cakes using wartime recipes.  Mrs Mangan's banana buns were a revelation!

We had a lovely party in the quiet area (which wasn't very quiet!), surrounded by our own home-made bunting.

We also learned a wartime line dance, ably assisted by Mr G's dog Rosie.

Allegra and her mum enjoyed a lavish traditional English teas as part of their celebration! 

Harry went on a six-mile walk to Bramber church, where he paused to remember people from the area who gave their lives in the Second World War.  I think they would be very pleased to know that their memory has been honoured in such a lovely way!

Rose and Rex spent the whole week carrying out their own research, and then made newspapers showing what they had found out..  Their great-grandad was part of the D-Day landings in June 1944, driving his army tank.  You can just see a picture of the tank, proudly displayed in their front window, alongside their beautiful hand-painted bunting!

Here is a picture of Nell's beautiful home-made bunting, displayed proudly in her front window!