Senior Management

Sophie Thomas   Headteacher
Jen Griffin White Dave  

Deputy Headteacher
Year 3 Classteacher

Sarah Chambers Head of Inclusion
Children in Care Appointed Teacher
Child Protection Designated Teacher
Jo-Anne Gibson Early Years Co-ordinator
Reception Class Teacher
Al Jamieson Al Jamieson   Key Stage 2 Team Leader
Year 4 Classteacher 
Sarah-Jane Challis Challis Sarah-Jane  

Key Stage 1 Team Leader
Data and Assessment Coordinator

Admin Staff      
Sam Roberts Sam Roberts  

Business Manager

Diana Dickinson Dickinson Diana   School Secretary
Kirsty Franklin-Johnson     Admin Assistant 
Claire Potter     Admin Assistant 

Tamsin Mulholland


Finance Assistant

Kate Paice
Medical Welfare Officer
Belle Howard
Senior Clerk to the Governors



Teaching Staff   
Jo-Anne Gibson  Gibson Jo-Anne   Reception Classteacher 
Carmel Johnstone   Reception Classteacher
Catherine Wiles   Reception Classteacher
Ruby Warwick Warwick Ruby   Reception Classteacher
Fiona Blyth   Year 1 Classteacher
Sally Martin  Martin Sally   Year 1 Classteacher
Abigail French French Abigail Year 1 Classteacher
Katie Roberts Roberts Katie Year 1 Classteacher
Stephanie Jones Jones Steph Year 1 Classteacher
Maia Aitken  Maia Aitken   Year 2 Classteacher
Sarah-Jane Challis  Challis Sarah-Jane   Year 2 Classteacher
Phoebe Walters Walters Phoebe Year 2 Classteacher
Suzanne Law Law Suzanne Year 2 Classteacher

Christine Rogers

Rogers Christine  

Year 3 Classteacher

Ishita Chowdhury Ishita Chowdury   Year 3 Classteacher
Nicola Disney   Year 3 Classteacher
Al Jamieson Al Jamieson   Year 4 Classteacher
 Sermin Salih  Salih Sermin  

Year 4 Classteacher
Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator

Bryony Sandford Sandford Bryony
  Year 5 Classteacher
Daniel Buchanan Buchanan Daniel   Year 5 Classteacher
Dave White White Dave   Year 6 Classteacher
 Steve Griffiths Griffiths Steve Year 6 Classteacher
Megan McCarter Megan McCarty Year 6 Classteacher
Carol Noble  Noble Carol   Cover Class Teacher
Lydia Samuel   Cover Class Teacher
Science Co-ordinator
Katie Roberts Roberts Katie Cover Class Teacher
Tori Lilley Lilley Tori HLTA Cover Class Teacher
Support Staff
Sarah Chambers SENCO
Partridge Charlotte  

Assistant SENCO
Modern Foreign Languages Teacher

Susan Colemen School Counsellor
Aimee Yahiaoui Yahiaoui Aimee Pupil Welfare Co-ordinator
Geddy Naughton Attachment Coordinator
Beccy Barr Barr Becky SEN Teaching Assistant
Howard Caesar Caesar Howard SEN Teaching Assistant
Denise Chapman SEN Teaching Assistant
Joanna Dziecielska SEN Teaching Assistant
Hayley Gibson SEN Teaching Assistant
Rhian Greenaway SEN Teaching Assistant
Anita Kaltz Kaltz Anita SEN Teaching Assistant
Karen Boon Karen Boon

SEN Teaching Assistant

James Maddox Maddox James SEN Teaching Assistant
Caroline Gorton Caroline Gorton SEN Teaching Assistant
Annette McKay Mckay Annette SEN Teaching Assistant
Kate Persaud Persaud Kate SEN Teaching Assistant
Teresa Robertson SEN Teaching Assistant
Claudia Townsend Townsend Claudia SEN Teaching Assistant
Nikki Watsham SEN Teaching Assistant
SEN Teaching Assistant
Sue Standen Reception Teaching Assistant
Christina Conway  Christina Conway

Reception Teaching Assistant

Carmen Cruz Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Melissa Maber Maber Melissa Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Lauretta Reynolds Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Louise Harris Harris Louise Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Sarah Tullett Tullett Sarah Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Hannah Housman Housmann Year 2 Teaching Assistant
James Bonner James Bonner Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Jenny Heath Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Sarah Smith Year 3 Teaching Assistant
Chrissy Hoth Chrissy Hoth Year 4 Teaching Assistant
Sue Saunders Saunders Sua Year 5 Teaching Assistant
Sophie Dearlove Dearlove Sophie Year 6 Teaching Assistant
Claire Clapham Clapham Clare Year 6 Teaching Assistant
Cindy Mangan Mangan Cindy Year 6 Teaching Assistant
Rosanna Lelean Music Teacher
& SEN Teaching Assistant
 Donna Puc SEN Teaching Assistant
Liz Easen Easen Liz Music Teacher
Andy Smith ICT School Support
Dean Gough Gough Dean Site Manager
Debbie Nicolau Nicolau Debbie Midday Supervisor
Midday Supervisor
Tracey Stuart Stuart Tracey Midday Supervisor
Helen Brett Midday Supervisor
Murillo Mendez
Midday Supervisor
Naomi Coleman Coleman Naomi Midday Supervisor