Curriculum / Learning

  Dear Parents and Carers,

This is our Curriculum Overview. These are units of work that we use to combine different areas of learning into packages that are manageable and relevant to their experience. These topics will cover wide areas of the National Curriculum but some areas will have to be taught directly and discretely. To teach phonics we use the letters and sounds scheme. This is backed up with resources from Jolly Phonics website.

It is our aim to engage and inspire all our children through a vibrant curriculum and as a result of a rich tapestry of experiences. The information provided here is merely a starting point on your child's journey and we hope you will be active partners with us in the years ahead.

To find out more about our topics of curriculum contact your child's class teacher or our phase leaders:-

Ms Jo Gibson (Early Years)

Miss Sarah-Jane Challis (Key Stage 1)

Mr Al Jamieson (Key Stage 2)

Sophie Thomas
(October 2019)