Governors: Who are we?

The Governing Body has 13 Governors and the term for office for all Governors is 4 years. There are:

8 Foundation Governors (including the Vicar of St. Andrew’s Church), 5 Non-Foundation Governors (1 appointed by Local Authority, 2 elected by parents, 1 Staff Governors including the Headteacher and 1 staff member).

Oliver Mudge - Foundation Governor and Chair  


It is a privilege to Chair our passionate Board at St Andrew's School. We are committed to working in partnership with the Headteacher and team - supporting and challenging them in raising the standards in education and striving for the best possible outcomes for all children.

I have lived (and worked) in Brighton & Hove for over 20 years. I became a Governor as I wanted to contribute to the community in which I live with my wife and three young boys.

Professionally, I have worked in Executive Search and Recruitment for over 20 years, supporting companies throughout Europe across a range of disciplines which include Governance. My experience includes managing all commercial aspects of running and owning a business.

Lesley Hurst - Foundation Governor and Vice Chair

I am a parent of a child who is currently in Year 3 at St Andrew's and attend St Andrew's Church on a regular basis. I currently work for STEMNET who work with schools to provide opportunities for young people to explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. My role involves managing a large team to coordinate 2,600 volunteers across London to support in-school activities at both primary and secondary level. The skills and experience gained here allow me to be able to bring a strategic vision to the role of Governor.

Andrew Wealls: Local Authority Governor and Vice Chair



I am a local Councillor for Central Hove ward in which the school is situated. I have been a councillor since May 2011 and Opposition Spokesman for Children & Young People. My background is in investment management. I am very interested in educational opportunity and achievement and was keen to get involved  in supporting a local school, to which many local residents send their children. I have a Governor responsibility for pupil attainment (data analysis).   

Trevor Cristin - Headteacher


Governors are now a core part of a school's leadership team and as such, their work has a direct impact on our children and the provision they receive. At St Andrew's I am really lucky to have a group of Governors who are so supportive. They have the interests and welfare of our children very much at heart and this leads their thinking.  However, equally valuable is the variety and depth of individual skills that they bring to their roles. It is excellent that the school can turn to such a range of experience and perspectives as we continually seek to move our school forward. Their work and the spirit of support in which they work plays a crucial part in the direction we take.

Reverend Dan Henderson


I am married to Jo and I am outnumbered four to one in the Vicarage, having three daughters, one of whom is enjoying Year 5 at St Andrew's. We moved from a church in Hailsham in September 2014 and before ordination my background was in youth work. 

Suzanne Cairns - Staff Governor

 I am a Reception teacher at St Andrews.



Gordana Chapman - Parent Governor


Jill Fairbrother - Foundation Governor





I am a parent of two children currently in Years 5 and 6 at St. Andrew's and I am a keen parent helper there. We regularly attend St Andrew's Church and I assist with both The Message and Sunday brunch. I am a part qualified Chartered Accountant with eleven years of experience working within various analytical roles. I also have some Project Management experience and have recently been working in property development. With my work experience and skills I hope that I can play an active supporting role on the Resource Committee.


Ed Lawrence - Foundation Governor


I am a father to two remarkable boys. My eldest is in Year 3 at St Andrew's and his brother will join Reception at the school later this year. We attend St Andrew's Old Church and have established strong friendships with many of the congregation. 

My role as a Training Captain for a commercial airline requires effective communication and task management skills. I have experience in recruitment procedures and training. I am a Union Representative and sit on a Legal Services Committee. The knowledge and experience gained via these roles allows me to contribute to the strategic oversight function of the Governors.

Coreen Sears - Foundation Governor


I have spent all my working life in international education. I taught at international schools in Brussels and London before moving into consultancy and research. My subject is the lives and education of young bilinguals who move constantly around the world with their parents. I love being around schools and when I moved to Hove in 2003 leapt at the opportunity to become a Foundation Governor at St. Andrew’s.

Dr Nnamdi Udezue - Foundation Governor

Nnamdi photo 


I grew up between Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and England and I have worked as a doctor in emergency medicine, intensive care, and anaesthesia in hospitals in Sussex since 2010. I live in Hove with my wife and two young children.
In a previous career I worked as a performance improvement management consultant for Ernst & Young in London, after a Masters degree in management, technology and public policy. Being a governor enables me to utilise my experiences to support the St Andrew's school community.


Matthew Greenall - Parent Governor


My work in supporting global AIDS, TB and malaria programmes takes me all over the world, and one of the main principles behind what I do is to make sure communities themselves have a say and play an active role in their services and institutions. As a governor of St Andrew’s I aim to make a contribution to my own community. Both of our girls are at St Andrew’s and my wife Claudia currently works as a TA in the school.

 Catherine Buchanan - Foundation Governor



I am the proud parent of a lively little boy who is thriving in Reception and an equally energetic little girl whom we hope will join her brother at St Andrew’s School in two years time. My family and I have attended St Andrew’s Church since 2015 and feel privileged to be part of its flourishing spiritual community.

I hope to bring an ex-teacher's perspective on education to my role as a school governor, informed by more than twelve years of experience at both secondary and university level. I am a passionate advocate of the continuing importance of the humanities to a well-rounded, broad and balanced education. I am also interested in how a caring school ethos, coupled with a culture of high expectations, both promotes pupil wellbeing and drives academic achievement for all children.  

Fran Beckett OBE - Foundation Governor


I’m delighted to have the opportunity to support St Andrew's Primary School as a local resident, having moved to live opposite the school just over a year ago. My work life has seen me setting up community projects, leading charities, and being on various Government advisory and steering groups. I work as a charity consultant in leadership, governance, and strategy development so I hope I can contribute something of this in my role as a Governor. I’m involved with One Church, Brighton, and on the Boards of various Christian organisations, charities, and a national housing association.


Julien Rutler: Associate member - linked to Resources Committee

Jason Tingley: Associate member - linked to Ethos and Pupil Well Being Committee

Colleen White: Associate member - linked to Ethos and Pupil Well Being Committee

Clare Bennett - Clerk to Governors


As Clerk to the Governors I provide advice and support to the Governing Body.