St. Andrew's CE Primary School - Equalities Target


  1. Achievement

Our equalities target for 2017/18 is to ensure that all pupils including children with SEND and children who are eligible Pupil Premium Funding/ Pupil Premium Plus will make at least good progress relevant to their starting positions.


  1. Attainment

To ensure that we continue to reduce the gap in attainment of children in receipt of Pupil Premium/Pupil Premium Plus and children nationally who are not in receipt of pupil premium.


Data analysis each term will have a focus on children with SEND or Pupil Premium to ensure good progress. Where children are seen to be at risk of underachievement, appropriate interventions will be planned


  1. Accessibility


Access Area

Action Points

Who’s responsible

Time scale

Successful Outcome


Involve both pupils with disabilities and their parents/carers in setting individual pupil targets.

 Children have feedback time for curriculum review

Parents attend EHCP meetings

This should also happen for LAC and post LAC children.



 Teachers and TAs together with Head of Inclusion



Data shows there is no difference in rate of progress for pupils with a disability compared to non-disabled children


Monitoring of differentiation in classes to ensure pupils with disabilities are able to participate fully in learning


SMT and subject leaders focus on differentiation specifically for vulnerable groups including children  with disabilities


SMT and Head of Inclusion

 Lesson observations, work scrutiny and pupil conferencing


Lesson obs and scrutiny of planning and children’s work show appropriate differentiation being made for children with disabilities


To ensure that classrooms are accessible for children and parents with disabilities.


Have relevant Sensory advisors to visit and audit.


Senco and Risk assessor




Audit of signs and monitor children’s access to rest of school and play areas show full access


Ensure front of school allows suitable access to all pupils and parents


-monitor exit arrangements for pupils and parents as a) school expands


HT and Buildings commitee




Exit gates allow for ease of access for disabled pupils and parents/carers







Race Equality Action Plan 2017-18


What do we want to do?

Who will be responsible?

When do we want to complete this?

What resources will we need?

What do we want the outcome to be?

Ensuring equal access to the curriculum


Monitor achievement of EM children to ensure achievement and attainment are similar to non EM children

SMT and assessment coordinator



To report to governors that EM children achieve and attain as well as non EM children

Monitor bullying and harassment especially of EM and disabled children and report to LA


Complete SIMS return each term


To  work to ensure that each term is a nil return

Improve the quality of information regarding ethnicity by providing greater support for parents when they complete the data information form at the 4+ meeting in the summer




Have more accurate information regarding ethnicity  and need of EAL support

Developing the physical environment of the school for EM children


Ensure that EM children are fully represented in the school in literature, poster

SMT and librarian

Learning walk conducted annually


Black and ME children are represented in a variety of ways throughout the school eg Rec role play, library displays, posters etc

Promote greater Community Cohesion through celebration of other cultures

Whole school esp PSHE coordinator

Annual events held for the whole school. Cultural awareness weeks Greek day etc


Children show awareness if other cultures around them in the uk and abroad



Gender Equality Action Plan 2017-2018

What do we want to do?

Who will be responsible?

When do we want to complete this?

What resources will we need?

What do we want the outcome to be?

Comply with all sex discrimination legislation

Govs and SMT

Immediate effect


Ensure that all policies comply with current legislation

Promote equality of opportunity for men and women


Govs and SMT

Immediate effect


Ensure that adverts and recruitment is open and fair for all applicants.

Ensure that all clubs and curriculum activities are available to both boys and girls

HT and all staff

Immediate effect


A good balance in the curriculum ensures that all children have equal access

Ensure that the curriculum does not stereotype but opens opportunity for all children



HT and all staff

Immediate effect


Subjects such as PSHE provide opportunities for actively encouraging discussion around role models and challenges stereotypes

To encourage positive role model and opportunity for boys to develop nurturing skills

PSHE and Coordinators

Spring 2018


Peer Tutoring


Buddy system